"I want you to enjoy your break so I’m only going to assign a little homework.” -huge liars



my friend and i had to break a social norm for our sociology class so we drove around and catcalled boys (and one male teacher omfg) and they all looked so alarmed and confused and like they thought we were straight up crazy it was priceless and it rlly highlighted the fact that women just expect to be harassed when walking down the street whereas guys are just completely taken aback by it

this is a really important thing for people to understand


You have 24hrs, go!


i just wanna shake the hand of whoever came up with the ALS ice bucket challenge. not only is it raising awareness of an important cause, i’ve also seen more damp celebrities in clinging t-shirts in the past week than i ever dreamed possible. 


"I loved them before they got popular"


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I love this the dog is like awkwardly wagging his tail like he’s happy but doesn’t really know what’s going on I love this so much


This shampoo was supposed to give my hair volume but I really can’t hear anything



ill take the one in the red 

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